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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

News round up

Support for women's right to choose is waning according to a new study by Bpas.
Although most poeple surveyed in the UK study still believe in a women's right to choose, this number has falled by 2% in 5 years, the BBC reports.

Not the church, not the state
Women must decide their fate!
(chant from Reclaim the Night)

The new male contraceptive pill is claimed to have no lasting side effects. There's a big question, though, will men take it?
Good lord - I wish they would make a pill for women that had no lasting side effects. We would bloody take it - we're quite keen to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It would seem from the article in the Guardian that men aren't as bothered. It must just be women's business.

This Saturday's Reclaim the Night march was great. It was good to meet the bloggers and Subtext contributors who I've emailed and left comments on their blogs. Thanks to Laura for helping sell some copies of Subtext too.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Subtext issue 2 out now

Super, smashing, great.

p.s. It's double the size of issue 1, and still no ads!

Drop the 'ism'

Is part of the misconception of feminism being about the power of women and their pursuit of dominance over men drawn from the fact that it is an ‘ism’?

Other ‘isms’ apply to negative discriminatory ideas and behaviours, such as racism, ageism, ableism, sexism. As an ‘ism’ are people prone to misunderstand feminism – stemming from the very basic construction of the word.

Is anti-feminism, (as a term rather than the ideology that’s now been associated with the word), actually more descriptive of the movement than just ‘feminism’ alone? I.e. it challenges the systems in culture and society that oppress women, just as anti-racism challenges the systems in culture and society that oppress people of different races?

There are other movements described by ‘isms’, now gaining credence and a growing allegiance – such as humanism and equalism. Does the nature of these words ‘human’ and ‘equal’, explicitly inclusive as they are, negate the general belief that an ‘ism’ is bad?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why are these people allowed out at all?

The BBC news website is today reporting on calls from children's charity Barnardo's to set up satellite monitoring of sex offenders accompanied with lie detector testing.

Why, if these kind of expensive and time consuming methods are required to prevent these people, know for the high rate of reoffending, from harming another child are they allowed to freely walk the streets?

In another example of 'world gone mad' and perhaps another example of 'liberal gone mad' (referring me to) the Home Office yesterday settled out of court on a compensation case brought by three drug addicted prisoners who claimed going cold turkey in prison was a breach of their human rights. I have to admit, I am tending to side with those who believe this is madness. Should criminals be allowed any more than the most basic human rights while in prison? Should our prison service be paying for them to continue taking drugs. Is it a breach of human rights to force prisoners to go through cold turkey withdrawal from drugs if they have committed a crime to put themselves in that situation in the first place?

Should prisoners, people who have broken the law, be given better treatment than law abiding people who are addicted to drugs and cannot get help to combat their addiction on the NHS because there are not enough funds available?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Toilet phobia on BBC news website

Many of you will know of my round about plots to avoid sharing a toliet with strange bums - well now the national phobics society is promoting toilet phobia as a valid phobia.

In the scheme of things, I'm not too bad - but can definately see a bit of each of the 'reasons why' in my reasons why.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Why is it...

..that often I go out for a 'quiet night' and end up completely smashed having mixed my drinks and drunk way too much?

If I'm planning a 'big night' I am super careful, drink water, am vigilant against over drunkeness.

Saturday was an improptue quiet night during which I turned into a messy drunk. I woke up Sunday morning with a slamming head, feeling sick like death, and with a bloodshot, watering, very sore eye. After spending the day sleeping, and drinking water I recovered from the hangover, but my eye still hurts a day later. It stings so much when I look into bright light, and the pain seems to come and go. It looks kind of grey and bruised.

I have no idea what caused it. It feels like I have been poked, hard, in the eye - but I don't remember anything of the sort happening. I should really go to the doctor - but they'll put eyedrops in, which'll mean I can't drive, and I have to drive to Sheffield tonight to interview The Gossip for Subtext (horray!).

If it still hurts tomorrow I will go to the doctors.

Ow, my eye.