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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day of action: Abortion Rights

I can't make it down to London for the Abortion Rights protest, but would be able to do something over lunch that day in Nottingham. Do any of you think we should organise something? Maybe just a mass gathering outside the Council House or something?

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feminist lap dancing
feminism vs capitalism (I know I promised this ages ago, I still intend to write it.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bespoke coffins bring colour to funerals

Colourful coffins made to look like trams, covered in rainbows. What a great idea.

Although, I would probably prefer to be buried in a compostable box in an eco graveyard, or under a tree.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Be the first to know

Subtext has launched a blog. Subtext reviews and news.
I've been slaving all day over this! Wish I could get some of the new blogger features for this old dinosaur.

Friday, April 18, 2008


TLC for the blog, newly added:

catergories links (though most of the archives aren't categorised)
links to Subtext website and FEM08 (26th APril, Sheff Uni, see you there)

I'm planning a redesign, new colours, picture and maybe some actual posting.
Also, must update my blogroll, though sadly I don't get much time for reading blogs nowerdays.

Robbing us blind

I'm moved, as I'm sure many other bloggers are, to question what the hell the Gov think they're up to abolishing the 10p tax rate? What were MPs and our unions playing at when this was first mooted? Only now does anyone show any signs of reaction and protest at the change, this plan could have been cut off when it was first suggested back when Brown was still Chancellor.

Also the plan to support those of us on low incomes through increased tax credits is totally cockhanded (basically this will mean tax us then credit it back to us in the form of a benefit at a later date - which, knowing our situation, will probably be subject to tax.) They very well know that the benefits system is complicated and difficult to navigate, thousands of people are not receiving what they're entitled to now, never mind when the new poor are added to the mix through this new tax law.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The BBC are evil

for making me think penguins could fly.

I am a dumb ass.

Bollocks to all that

I work in an office. Depressingly, I've been working full time in offices for the last 4 years.

No one I have ever worked with swears. Properly. I mean, they might occasionally when it slips out before they can 'check themselves', but they don't relish a good "bollocks to this" the way they should.

When I inevitably drop the odd diatribe of foul language (I say inevitably because I am a hip young thing who lives on the knife edge) it clangs around the quiet, open space, like a bomb.
The F bomb, actually, now I come to think of it.


How would one go about telling their partner they wanted to have an open relationship?

"Erm, honey, can we talk?
"You know we've been in a monogamous relationship for X years? Well, I quite fancy someone else and would like to shag them."

Stunned silence

"I wanted to talk to you about having an open relationship..."