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Saturday, July 29, 2006

In other news

I've begun volunteering with a local women's centre on their management committee - I'm fundraising and communications person which is great as I actually know what I'm doing! I have my second meeting on Tuesday in which I'm advising on how to best produce and layout an annual report. Feels good to be filling up my time with righteous women stuff.

Although it does lead to extreme tiredness... it's only 10 am and I am want to go back to sleep.

Starting from the top

Well, we've now sold over 120 copies of Subtext, and orders continue to come in. I am personally flabbergasted that the uptake for a little promoted magazine has been so great. We certainly have a rockin feminist network going on!

Now though, it's time to start getting stuff together for issue 2 (has this just become a Subtext blog? Is it boring?) I've emailed everyone who's put their name down to contribute this morning - so if you haven't had the email and want to contribute just drop me an email.

This time I'm hoping to extend the news section - and just the poeple to do that are your lovelly selves - bloggers! You lot put news up on your site everyday (because you're a lot better at this than I am). I hope you'd like to contriobute one of your posts? As with everything else, just email me (either at the blog email travellingpunk at gmail dot com or the subtext email contribute at subtexmtagazine dot co dot uk)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fatigue taking over - must resist

After putting it off due to illness (mainly) I have spent the last 3 hours processing the first orders for Subtext. Horray, there are orders! There are a lot, too :o) I think I may have underestimated demand - which is a good thing, though I might need to get more printed :o)

I am knackered now, and my car has broken, and my full time job will no doubt get in the way of me actually mailing the magazines out for a day or so. I hope to have them dispatched in time for a weekend delivery though - interested parties, you heard it here first.

Melinda, I've also updated the website to list the editors as requested. I somehow lost the original text for the 'background' page, and completely forgot what it said, so filled the empty space with our names and vitals instead.

God, there's not much patriarchy blaming going on around here nowerdays, though someone called me an activist the other day, so maybe the general flavour is activism instead. This is heartening, I like action. It makes all the talk more effective.

However, my body, which has received some punishment in the form of careening up and down the county over the past couple of weeks and late nights fuled by stress and adrenaline, is calling for inaction, perhaps even rest - pah! it'll never learn, rest is not something I do.

Monday, July 10, 2006

54321 Launch!

Subtext Issue 1 is now available online or via mail order.

I've spent that last 5 hours updating the website - argh! It's sexy new look is bound to entice orders :o)

It's £3.50 inc p&p in the UK or £5.00 worldwide, you can pay online via PayPal.

I am exhausted and have to sleep - please spread the word on your blogs, out of the goodness of your hearts and pity for my hermit like workaholicness required to get this together, eventually!

TP x