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Friday, December 28, 2007

Rats, or another* downside to online shopping

In my eager desperation to get new trews from an online shop I opted for delivery to work: I have to be here all day anyway (joy!), and it means I get said trews a day early.

Unfortunately for me I didn't notice the ever so fine print that says the delivery time you're asked to enter is only a guide and they can/do deliver up to 8pm.

What exactly will happen to my trews if the person delivering brings them at 8pm when work is closed up for the weekend? I know one thing - it'll mean I won't have them for my evening soirees over the 'festive period'... Not that I'm going to any you understand.

*If you're interested, the first downside to internet shopping is buying without trying on, nothing ever fits right. The third downside to internet shopping is arranging for returns - the whole rigmarole of going to the post office (made worse if your post office was closed and you don't have one nearby) and forking out for it.

What I was going to do

I was going to write to you today about clothes, my ill fitting jeans and sporty new trainers that I plan to 'go running' in or 'play badminton' while wearing.

Except that was hella boring.

In fact, today is pretty boring. I'm in work between Christmas and New Year (for the first time ever - sob!). There are only 2 other people in the office with me (normally 20+) and I have no work to do so I have been surfing Etsy for things to buy. I spent £60 I do not have on stuff I hardly need yesterday and am trying to resist doing the same again today out of boredom.

To keep me from spending for something to frickin do my afternoon plans include;
1) solve a game of Spider solitaire with two suits! It's exciting because I've never done it before! Or maybe it's exciting because I have a totally skewed idea of what exciting is since I have been talking to myself all morning.
2) play Spider solitaire a second time
3) maybe have a game of minesweepers

In other news - new dog new dog!
My parents got a new dog last week, he is completely daft, really bouncy (yesterday he tried to fetch his toy by climbing over the back of the sofa) and cute as frankenpup. 19months old, called Bob.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I forgot to write the editors letter for Subtext AGAIN. I am about 2 years over the deadline.
I'll do it tomorrow, promise.

Eternally inappropriate

I work with a chap who's eternally inappropriate. He seems to have no ideas that what he says is just, well, not quite on.

For example, today we were in a meeting discussing options for raising some money by asking companies to match fund a project. I know the managers of both of the specific companies being considered. This apparently made me blush.
I am one of those blushing people. It's a curse.

Anyway, in response to said blush Mr Eternally Inappropriate said,
"Why are you blushing? Are you having an affair with someone who works there?"


As it so happens I am in a l/t relationship with someone who works there, but that is not the issue.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This'll sort what ails ya

My partner has been suffering with some kind of panic disorder, leaving him feeling spaced out, unsure of what is real and struggling to cope at work and in social situations.

When we finally persuaded him to see a doctor about it, and after blood tests and a couple of consutations in which he spoke about his anxiety, the doctor prescribed him a book!

He's ordered it from the library, apparently he can keep it for 8 weeks.
I love that.

In other news, I've lost my voice.