This is not a test. Unless it is, and no one told me so I haven't revised, which means I'm going to fail. Thanks for that.
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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

What a year, what a year.
2009, everyone seems glad to see the back of you - me, I'm ambivalent.

I had some great successes this year - I passed all the entry tests for the Fire Service. Sadly I was pipped to the post for a job though.
I came over all brave and had laser eye surgery - hope that pays off...
My climbing came on leaps and bounds.
We bought a camper van, and kitted it out ourselves.
I finally went to Fontainbleu, and to Orkney - two places I love and will be returning to.
Plus. I got a new job - which I start in two weeks.

2009, you weren't so bad at all.
And if you were, I've forgotten all of the shitty bits already.