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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Banning based on BMI

BBC news reports that organisers of the Madrid fashion week are planning a ban of underweight models from their 2006 event.

A healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 25, and models falling below 18 are being banned, to give a better example for young women of healthy women's bodies.

Wow, that's a bit radical. Banning anyone based on their health seems to me to be a bad idea.
But it is to be commended - at least they're trying to do something to promte positive healthy body image.

Neighbours – choice is a given, but don’t ever mention the word abortion

I like Neighbours, it’s being going for years, and I've been watching it for a lot of them

The recent storyline surrounding Sky, an early 20s (I think?) single woman living with her religious grandad, his friend and his friend's mail order Russian wife, has been interesting for the way it has been handled.

Last week Sky, who’s recently split from her boyfriend after cheating on him with her art teacher, found out she was pregnant. Her ex boyfriend didn’t want to talk to her about it, and she made the decision to have an abortion.

However the a word was never mentioned, instead she made an ‘appointment’, visited the doctors for her ‘appointment’ and cancelled her ‘appointment’ to do more thinking about her decision. Her ex made vague references to ‘not being ready to be parents’ and again, said she’d made an ‘appointment’ and left it at that.

Horray for Neighbours for covering this prickly issue, hope they resolve it with some grace.

Horray for Aus for being so liberal there was never an issue of whether Sky would have access to an abortion.

But BOO HISS to Neighbours for shying away from the term. How are kids even meant to understand what is meant by her ‘appointment’? Could specifying the reason for the appointment go much further to helping young Aussies, and people further a field as the show is broadcast all over, to understand they are not alone and they should not be ashamed.

I shall be following this storyline closely as it unfolds...

I have a question for you

I’ve been invited to take part in a game that describes itself, among other things, as ‘gender equal’.

In this game men and women play alongside one another in the same team, however players are only allowed to defend against someone of the same gender; female-female, male-male. Defending against someone of the opposite gender gains you a penalty.

My question is this, which is ‘more equal’?
Women and men playing the same sport, for the same amount of time, in single sex teams against their own gender

Women and men playing on the same team, but not defending against one another

Women and men playing together on the same team and being able to defend against anyone regardless of their gender

By encouraging women and men to play on the same team but then limiting their activities within the game to their own sex is this game really achieving its claim of gender equality?

Oh, and Sappho, a moon cup sticker is a sticker advertising the mooncup, a menstrual cup, like the Diva or Keeper cup.

Friday, September 08, 2006

My guinea pig the dare devil

Yesterday we were taking Eddie, the guinea pig, in the car round to my parents for the weekend as we’re going caving. When travelling he’s put in a high sided plastic box which sits on my knee. Often Eddie tries to climb the sides of the box to get out and see the world, or he stands up on his back legs, like a meercat to look at the scenery passing him by.

However yesterday he tried a new trick, something I have never witnessed in a guinea pig. Like a tightly coiled spring he jump clear out of the box, past my shoulder and landed with a jolt on the handbreak.

I think the escape from the box gave him a bit of a shock because he just sat on the handbreak looking up at me for a second before I swooped down on him, grabbed him round the belly and chucked him back in his box prison.

All this while my partner, who is learning to drive, was driving us, in the dark, supposedly under my supervision.

I am getting a lid for the box.

Man forced to marry goat because he ‘used it as his wife’.

Ah yes,
Bestiality ok – if you’re married.
Rape ok - if it’s your wife

What a strange punishment for the man to be forced to marry the goat and pay a dowry for it. Do you get the feeling of a ‘happy ever after’ angle on this news story?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Potty Mouth

There are five toilets in the ladies on my floor at work. The lighting in the bathroom means that three of these toilets are bathed in bright light and two of them skulk in darkness.

Research built up over months (casual observance by me on each visit) indicates two of the brightly lit toilets get the most daily traffic. The third brightly lit toilet is rarely visited, it is likely this is because of a disturbing asbestos sticker on the cistern.

Further evidence of the preferential use of the two brightly lit toilets comes in the form of a quick reduction in toilet paper available in the stalls.

I am happy with this, if everyone is using the brightly lit stalls the dim stalls stay cleaner and are almost untouched by human bums between cleans. Up until today I was thus much more likely to choose a dimly lit stall than a bright one – there’s not much to see when you’re going for a pee, and occasionally braved the asbestos for a change. I tried to avoid the ‘bicycles’ of the bathroom where possible.

However my world has been upset by the dawning revelation I had on the can this am. What if other people have also realised, through extensive research, that the dimly lit stalls are the best? What if they are all flocking to these stalls, bum after bum? Sacre bleu!

The bathrooms here do rock a little bit harder than those elsewhere though – each stall has a mooncup sticker on the door – some bright lass has harnessed the power of reading on the can to promote the good word about catch’em cups.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's a problem

Those of you who've known me for a while know that I have a weakness when it comes to ebay. It is a goldmine of vintage wonders, that is, accordng to me. It is the ultimate charity/second hand/retro shop and it's always open. This evening I have been spending my money in the ultimate vintage shop. My purchases include, for your delectation:

I am watching 9 other items, but I won't tell you what they are just yet.

There are three problems however when it comes to actually buying the items.
1) I only have 2 cheques left in my cheque book.
2) My PayPal account is the Subtext account, and despite my best efforts if I pay for stuff off ebay out of that account it is bound to go awry.
3) I lost my partners cheque book last time I used it to buy something off ebay. Even if we knew where it was I am pretty sure I would not be allowed near it anymore.

You see why I am in a pickle.


I've been wanting to take a photo of one of these for ages - I used to pass on in a field everyday on the way to work, never really knowing what it was. Turns out it's a wind pumb (breeze not tu
rn). Looks kind of bleak there on its own, in the middle of a field, made unaccessible by growng crop.