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Monday, September 26, 2005

Again with the double standards.

The media has been teeming with news on Kate Moss and cocaine this past week

After allegations she’s been caught snorting cocaine have lead to a police investigation, the loss of several big modelling contracts and investigations by social services into her fitness to care for her child I can’t help but stop and wonder why she is getting such flack, while the man on her arm, notorious junkie Pete Dougherty, makes his name from being fucked up.

Why is it he can swan around looking like he’s had the shit kicked out of him after a very long night, while allegations of drug use mean Kate’s life and career are in jeopardy?

It is because:
He’s a man
He doesn’t have ‘responsibilities’
He’s a role model (He’s famous. Look! He’s so rock and roll! He’s a junkie yet he can get a woman like that!)
It’s so rock and roll

Or because:
She’s a woman
She has a child (of course, when you drop a sprog your life should stop, dead)
She’s a role model (thinness is everything, every girl wants to be pretty!)
She should be pure and innocent (because she’s a woman, duh!)

Dougherty may not be overtly praised for his drug use, but it is what he’s most famous for. He’s responsible to himself, no matter what people may believe he is a role model to somebody, and the fact that he gets any attention at all glamorises his drug dependency.

Kate is a role model because the patriarchy needs her to be. Look girls, being thin and pretty will make you rich and popular! She is rich and successful, because she’s pretty. For all her wealth and status she’s still nicely under the control of the dominant sub culture. But no, the patriarchy’s model of girlish perfection is FLAWED! They make her, and evidently, they break her. All is right with the world.

As an aside, how can a ‘super model’ make a good role model – they’re professionally malnourished! How is that aspirational?


Chameleon said...

Succinct and to the point. It is quite dismal that such hypocrisy continues to dominate public debate. I found you through your comment on the equally apposite post on Gendergeek and am sure to explore your blog further once I return home. You have a guinea pig into the bargain - I have two, Bubble and Amber. Marvellous creatures they are too, so greetings to Eddie the guinea. Any pictures of him? (Sorry to be so trivial, but after an exhausting day I can't turn my mind to higher thoughts).

Winter said...

I very much doubt that Kate saw herself as a "Role model" for kids and I have no idea if the kids regard her as one. What terrifies me is the way everyone has jumped to the conclusion that she is such a role model. Do they really think it's ok for them to presume that a dead-eyed, bone-thin, clothes horse should ever be considered a role model!