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Monday, January 16, 2006

Why they're feminist...

There are three great posts up on Mind the Gap by Winter, Siberian Fall and Naiades each detailing why they're feminist. They have very different reasons, demonstrating some of the many ways feminism is relevent to individuals and communities.

As for me, my mind is far too full of bedroom thoughts for me to think coherently about anything else at all. I have the major horn and it's very distracting. Instead I will post some new doodles by broke and laurelin.


Laurelin said...

*aims bucket of cold water at TP* :p

TP said...

I needed that!

sappho said...

By "major horn" do you mean, horny??
Sorry, american lingo must be different! :)
If so, might I suggest downloading that vibrating Purring Kitty thing to your cell phone from your other post?!!! wink-wink!