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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tech alert! Plus some other crap about ebay of all things.

If you have ZoneAlarm (free firewall that I would highly recommend) and it's asking about ie.exe do not allow it to access the internet. It's a Trojan horse, so is counter.exe. And the five other Trojan horses I've just found on my machine. I hate viruses, they scare the crap out of me. I am now convinced my bank account will be drained. I am deep scanning my whole machine for baddies.

Aside from that the general news is good - Subtext sales are on the up again after the great review we received on The F Word. We've had a submission from a guy which is good, and some more orders from men too. I had an order today from a city council as well! That was a bit of a surprise. In fact, I was a little frightened by the official looking envelope and purchase order until I looked closely. I even got to take my mum and dad out on a countryside walk this afternoon and get paid for it. Sweetness.

I have also rekindled my love interest with ebay over the past couple of days, and despite being penniless due to car breaking problems have bought myself a red bag and a blue bag. Some of you may already know I have a bag problem, and I did have kind of an ebay problem for a while too. You know the type of thing, can't stop thinking about ebay, setting 4am alarms to wake you up to bid on stuff in the USA, skipping lectures to catch the end of the auction. Normal stuff, right?

Ebay is great though. It's recycling, really.
Speaking of consumerism auction style my top picks for autumn ebay shopping are:
Knitted berets
Long wool coats with belts
Pleated skirts
Vintage bowling bags that are tatty
Knee high boots with flat soles - preferably with buckles.

(for more advice on what to wear at any given time or situation Jeepers is you woman)

The above about sums up my ebay watch list, if you remove the skirt and add a couple more bags. I'll cry if you bid against me and I loose.


Gem said...

Just as I was updating my blog - so were you apparently! I'm glad we're spending our evenings doing something productive.

Congrats on the review, I've been spreading the word in Coventry, though I still really need to order a copy myself!

As for ebay - no comment.

Anonymous said...

p.s - where's the picture of james and bob on the horse?!

TP said...

You are a slave driver woman! I will get round to putting all my new pictures on flicker, soon, I will...

Anonymous said...

:) I like my picturey goodness. Flickr keeps me doing on a day to day / hour-to-hour basis!

Sarah Louise Parry said...

That is superb news about Subtext - I'm really glad that after all the hard work you put it that it's getting 'out there' and circulating well :)

As for Ebay - I've only got to log on & I'm buying stuff! There is no such thing as browsing on that site... I am hooked in straight away as soon as I go on it buying stuff I don't need which is just too tempting to let someone else get!