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Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 and new beginnings

Happy new year everyone - hope you had a good one?
I went climbing on NYE at the Roaches in Staffordshire, we were in the sun, above a huge inversion blanketing the countryside for miles around. It was a gorgeous day. I took a heap of pictures which I'll post soon!

One of my plans for 2009, aside from dedicating more time to climbing and Subtext, is to restart this blog, properly. Much maligned and neglected for too long, I want to combine it with my other much neglected blog, weather station, and start posting again regularly.

So, I was hoping you would give me an idea of the kind of things you enjoy reading about on the site? I've put together a little poll below- these were the top things I could think of that I like to write about (Subtext is notable in its absence, you know I'll keep writing about that!)

Your help would be really great - tick as many as you like, and if you want to see something that's not one of the options here please suggest your idea in the comments.

Edit - thank you to anyone/everyone who responded to the poll. Turns out I am not the computer whiz I think I am, and the code's not working! Your comments very welcome in the comments :o)


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