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Friday, May 15, 2009

On archiving & tidying up

I'm going to delete some/most of the blog archives. This has been a great space for me to make friends, start things & share happiness & pain in the past, but I'm not totally happy with having it all out there now. I've moved on from that place & the knowledge that those statements of pain & desperation are still online makes me sad.

So, if there's anything in particular you think is worth keeping let me know, otherwise it will probably be a slash and burn affair as I don't have time nor inclination to read through the 4 (wow!) years of content. I will endeavour to save most of the posts on feminism/politics/society though. x

I can't imagine deleting the blog altogether. I have a total love affair with self publishing. Maybe a slight refocusing (and redesign for funs) is required instead.

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