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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vignette: Family values

My mum dropped in to see me yesterday

Mum: We went out with so and so and their daughter the other night, she looked really pretty.
Mum: You look pretty too, sometimes
Mum: Like when you wear some make up and have your hair down
Me: Thanks...
Mum: But not when you scrawp your hair back, and have no make up on, like when you came to see me at work the other week. You didn't look really pretty then.
Me: Yes I did.*
Mum: Aww [ed. patronising tone]

Ah, parents. Why do you say these things?

* Yes, I actually said that! Haha! Go self esteem.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Good for you though.

I think this is one of the good things about feminism, that it gives us the inner conviction to a) resist this kind of comment and b) to understand why someone would say that rather than just feeling upset or angry about it.

Catherine Redfern