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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fatigue taking over - must resist

After putting it off due to illness (mainly) I have spent the last 3 hours processing the first orders for Subtext. Horray, there are orders! There are a lot, too :o) I think I may have underestimated demand - which is a good thing, though I might need to get more printed :o)

I am knackered now, and my car has broken, and my full time job will no doubt get in the way of me actually mailing the magazines out for a day or so. I hope to have them dispatched in time for a weekend delivery though - interested parties, you heard it here first.

Melinda, I've also updated the website to list the editors as requested. I somehow lost the original text for the 'background' page, and completely forgot what it said, so filled the empty space with our names and vitals instead.

God, there's not much patriarchy blaming going on around here nowerdays, though someone called me an activist the other day, so maybe the general flavour is activism instead. This is heartening, I like action. It makes all the talk more effective.

However, my body, which has received some punishment in the form of careening up and down the county over the past couple of weeks and late nights fuled by stress and adrenaline, is calling for inaction, perhaps even rest - pah! it'll never learn, rest is not something I do.


Melinda Casino said...

Thanks for that, I checked back and saw that the staff page had been added/updated. Cheers!

Glad to hear that the orders are starting to come in. Does Subtext ship overseas by any chance?

Take a rest, will you? ;)

Anonymous said...

Take a break, TP! You've busted your arse for the cause enough recently! Get some beauty sleep!

Laura said...

You're doing a fabulous job :-) xx

Anonymous said...

i got mine yesterday, thanks! im well pleased with it.

Winter said...

Mine was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. I hope you're getting some orders from Wales. I've been sending out the word.