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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Starting from the top

Well, we've now sold over 120 copies of Subtext, and orders continue to come in. I am personally flabbergasted that the uptake for a little promoted magazine has been so great. We certainly have a rockin feminist network going on!

Now though, it's time to start getting stuff together for issue 2 (has this just become a Subtext blog? Is it boring?) I've emailed everyone who's put their name down to contribute this morning - so if you haven't had the email and want to contribute just drop me an email.

This time I'm hoping to extend the news section - and just the poeple to do that are your lovelly selves - bloggers! You lot put news up on your site everyday (because you're a lot better at this than I am). I hope you'd like to contriobute one of your posts? As with everything else, just email me (either at the blog email travellingpunk at gmail dot com or the subtext email contribute at subtexmtagazine dot co dot uk)


Melinda Casino said...

Do you have to live in the U.K. to submit a piece to Subtext?

Anonymous said...

I'm really pleased that it has been a success. I'm thinking of trying to sell it to some shops around where I live, what do you think?

I find it interesting when you offer chirpy commentary on the uprise of such a superb mag: so witter away! Already submitted the feature I've written for issue 2: go me!!

TP said...

That would be great Sarah - I onlyhope I can keep up with you. I've had a few emails where people have suggested shops that could stock the mag, but actually getting around to emailing them all is becoming a problem. This week is already manic, I think I've sold more copies of the magazine than are actually printed (no!!!) and I have two meetings with the women's shelter I'm volunteering with. Plus, my exhaust blew yesterday near Cardiff. I have had to sort that, and fork out for a new one, today.