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Friday, September 08, 2006

My guinea pig the dare devil

Yesterday we were taking Eddie, the guinea pig, in the car round to my parents for the weekend as we’re going caving. When travelling he’s put in a high sided plastic box which sits on my knee. Often Eddie tries to climb the sides of the box to get out and see the world, or he stands up on his back legs, like a meercat to look at the scenery passing him by.

However yesterday he tried a new trick, something I have never witnessed in a guinea pig. Like a tightly coiled spring he jump clear out of the box, past my shoulder and landed with a jolt on the handbreak.

I think the escape from the box gave him a bit of a shock because he just sat on the handbreak looking up at me for a second before I swooped down on him, grabbed him round the belly and chucked him back in his box prison.

All this while my partner, who is learning to drive, was driving us, in the dark, supposedly under my supervision.

I am getting a lid for the box.


Laurelin said...

Wow, SuperEddie! That's one hell of a gymnastic guinea pig you've got there, TP!

Andrea said...

Holy crap! I thought guinea pigs were all little squeaks and running on their stubby legs!

Super Pig!

Anonymous said...

Havent you all heard of SFG's?
Their controlled in area 51