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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I have a question for you

I’ve been invited to take part in a game that describes itself, among other things, as ‘gender equal’.

In this game men and women play alongside one another in the same team, however players are only allowed to defend against someone of the same gender; female-female, male-male. Defending against someone of the opposite gender gains you a penalty.

My question is this, which is ‘more equal’?
Women and men playing the same sport, for the same amount of time, in single sex teams against their own gender

Women and men playing on the same team, but not defending against one another

Women and men playing together on the same team and being able to defend against anyone regardless of their gender

By encouraging women and men to play on the same team but then limiting their activities within the game to their own sex is this game really achieving its claim of gender equality?

Oh, and Sappho, a moon cup sticker is a sticker advertising the mooncup, a menstrual cup, like the Diva or Keeper cup.

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Melanie said...

If I were to design a game with the purpose being to make it gender equal, I would let all participants play and defend against any other player.

If you mix the genders in the game, but limit them to their own, then they are not equal, because the original premise is that they are unable to defend against the opposite gender.

If you segregate the game by gender, then there is no equal, because there is no chance of being unequal.

I was in a career for a good number of years that was a 99% male profession. I was always a lady, but I never gave into the gender biases of being a woman. Gender inequality is something society assigns, so if you are playing a game and abiding by the rules then gender shouldn't be a factor and anyone is fair game.