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Sunday, October 15, 2006

All about me

It's been a while, eh?
So, instead of thrilling you with a good post I'm going to blather on about ME!
Good news - Subtext gave it's first real life press interview last week - people actually want 'our' opinion about stuff and they want to put it in print. We have also been asked to go on telly. I saw the show yesterday and don't actually think it's a good idea, but, they offered to pay, so maybe.

Bad news - my car fucked up, blew a head gasket cost me £350 and was off the road for a week. I gave it a wash and a polish and steam cleaned it's interior. We made up and are getting along fine now.

Bad news number 2 - my guinea pig, the one of amazingexploitss, is a very poorly boy indeed. The vet diagnosed an abdominal tumor and gave Ed only a couple of weeks to live. I have cried enough tears to fill aguineaa pig sized lake on which he could go boating. The decision of whether to put him through an operation which was unlikely to be a success or let him just live out his last days with no intervention was very hard for me. Idesperatelyy wanted to do everything I could to make him better, but knew that he was weakened so he would struggle to recover from a big operation. Still, he's well enough to trundle out of his hutch and eat leftover curry of my plate (which was on the floor) I hadn't the heart to stop him, at least he was eating. Expect a montage of guinea pig pictures and a tear stained post sometime soon.


Laura said...

Hoorah for subtext! And sorry about the piggy :( x

Melanie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your little critter. That is so sad. If it gets bad enough, have him put down. I know it sounds harsh, but I had a kitty who developed a nasty tumor, and it was so aggressive that they couldn't operate. I eventually had to have him put down, because I couldn't bear the thought of him suffering.

Chameleon said...

Oh no - that's terrible news, poor little Eddie! You know that I totally adore Guinea pigs and think he is the most handsome little chap with that attractive fountain of locks cascading from his head. He is far too young for something awful like this to happen. There isn't a whole lot I can say, no real comfort to give without sounding appallingly trite. I remember when Amber had a stroke - her eyes lolling around and her head shaking uncontrollably. She went on to recover completely, but it gave us a real shock and was very traumatic.
Many hugs from me and my two piggie girls Bubble and Amber.

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