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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ode to tinker

I bit the bullet and took Eddie for his final trip to the vets on Friday morning.

When I rang them to book, I cried.
When I got the the door, I cried.
When the vet called me in, I cried.
When I tried to explain, I cried.
When we went to the operating room, I cried.
As they anethsetised him , I cried.
When she put him to sleep, I cried.

He fought to the end, the little tyke. Nodding his head like a child who doesn't want to fall asleep. He wriggled around inside his anesthetic box, and ended up facing me with his nosed pressed against the side. She wrapped him in a towel and I stroked his little head as he faded away.

Our house is empty, quiet, less homely.
We decided to wear black all this week to mark Eddies passing.
As a childless couple I think Eddie was our first little child-type responsibility and we've both been hit hard by loosing him.

RIP tinker.


Chameleon said...

Poor little thing.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy is with u :( Losing a pet can be terrible, and ppl without animals just don't undastand the bond between pet-owners & their treasured animal. When my cat, of 11 years died, I was totally gutted and on a downer for days, just so you know that what you are experiencing is completely normal.

Louise said...

rest in peace little Eddie.

Guinea pigs are the best.

Gem said...


Laura said...

I'm so sorry :(

Andrea said...

Oh no! I'm sorry TP.

broke said...

Oh God - I'm so sorry to read this. It's such a gap when an animal leaves your life. Sending you warm wishes

TP said...

Thanks everyone - I'm feeling much more ok about this now.

I was struggling to get the image of Eddie being euthanised out of my mind for days, but life is going back to normal a bit now.

Brad Tastic said...


I caught this late but am sorry to read it... must have been exceptionally hard. I'm glad to hear things are getting better, though. Take care. My sympathies.