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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A pair of douchebags

A pair of douchebags have put a bottle of posh soap in the ladies at work and they felt the need to mark this soap as solely theirs – their ‘personnal property’. Soap is PROVIDED!

This really bugs me. It’s fucking petty – if it was special sensitive skin soap then ok, but it’s a snobs brand.

I am going to go out and buy a bottle of soap that’s BUAV approved and stick a sticker on it that says ‘Feel FREE to USE THIS SOAP. It is CRUELTY FREE.’

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ode to tinker

I bit the bullet and took Eddie for his final trip to the vets on Friday morning.

When I rang them to book, I cried.
When I got the the door, I cried.
When the vet called me in, I cried.
When I tried to explain, I cried.
When we went to the operating room, I cried.
As they anethsetised him , I cried.
When she put him to sleep, I cried.

He fought to the end, the little tyke. Nodding his head like a child who doesn't want to fall asleep. He wriggled around inside his anesthetic box, and ended up facing me with his nosed pressed against the side. She wrapped him in a towel and I stroked his little head as he faded away.

Our house is empty, quiet, less homely.
We decided to wear black all this week to mark Eddies passing.
As a childless couple I think Eddie was our first little child-type responsibility and we've both been hit hard by loosing him.

RIP tinker.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

All about me

It's been a while, eh?
So, instead of thrilling you with a good post I'm going to blather on about ME!
Good news - Subtext gave it's first real life press interview last week - people actually want 'our' opinion about stuff and they want to put it in print. We have also been asked to go on telly. I saw the show yesterday and don't actually think it's a good idea, but, they offered to pay, so maybe.

Bad news - my car fucked up, blew a head gasket cost me £350 and was off the road for a week. I gave it a wash and a polish and steam cleaned it's interior. We made up and are getting along fine now.

Bad news number 2 - my guinea pig, the one of amazingexploitss, is a very poorly boy indeed. The vet diagnosed an abdominal tumor and gave Ed only a couple of weeks to live. I have cried enough tears to fill aguineaa pig sized lake on which he could go boating. The decision of whether to put him through an operation which was unlikely to be a success or let him just live out his last days with no intervention was very hard for me. Idesperatelyy wanted to do everything I could to make him better, but knew that he was weakened so he would struggle to recover from a big operation. Still, he's well enough to trundle out of his hutch and eat leftover curry of my plate (which was on the floor) I hadn't the heart to stop him, at least he was eating. Expect a montage of guinea pig pictures and a tear stained post sometime soon.