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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In training / whoop

I'm officially in training for my trip to Skye in April. I will have to walk up big hills, I think they're classified as mountains they're so big. Today I took the stairs from the ground to the seventh floor. My legs ached and I was a bit out of breath. More training required.

Before then though, I' going to Morocco! I am fully excited about this. Not only is it my first hot sunny beachy holiday for two years, but it's a girls holiday. I'm going with Jess, assistant editor of Subtext, drinker, punk band drummer, kariokie singer (I've never seen her sing kariokie but I can totally imagine her doing it) and fun to be around bad influence.

I am going to have to be so good - we're somehow affording to go all inclusive, so that pretty much equals free alcohol and cake all the time.

The above reads like I'm some kind of richy-rich jet setter. Believe me, this blog should be renamed 'budget travelling punk'.


Gem said...

I so want to go to Morocco! My very lucky friend went for a weekend. Apparently it was really cheap.

You're gonna have so much fun - if Jess stays awake! (Sorry, but I always remember her being asleep!)

TP said...

Hah, yeh that's a good point :o)

laurelin said...

wow TP, sounds great! Have a lovely time! :)