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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What is it with everyone? UPDATED

Britney shaves her hair off - the media reports she is loosing her mind.
In and of itself, shaving your head does not mean you are going mad - it means you wanted to shave your head. Britney choosing to see the back of her long blonde extensions, reportedly hanging off just a couple of centimeters of her own hair seems pretty understandable to me.

There's an summary of shaven heads in among celebrity women on the Guardian website that's quite interesting - basically concluding there are many different reasons to shave ones head.

The main reasons for the furore seems to be, as picked up by the journalist for the Guardian, that the renunciation of traditional femeninity associated with a bald head can still shock people.

UPDATED: to add a link to a BBC story about Britney, there are some great encouraging comments from both women and men who think that it is not the 'break down' the media are protraying it as. There are also comments from short and skin head women who rock their look and wonder why there's such a fuss.

This is the most I have ever blogged about Britney. Someone who works for her is a pr whiz, everyone is talking about this!


Laura said...

Ergh, I know, the reaction was disgusting. So the fuck what if she wants to shave her ahir off? I read somewhere that she 'wished people would just stop touching' her, and considering people's responses it seems totally sensible to reject one of the trappings of femininity.

I wish everyone would just leave her alone: and this includes feminists using her as a political pawn - thinking of the whole Britney pussy shots googlebomb thing here.

Laura said...

Ah, I see the Guardian got there first with that theory hehe.

Anonymous said...

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