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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I remember when I used to write, a lot. Then 'the net nanny' got in the way and prevented me publishing my nonsense, not to mind the whole real world publishing deal-i-o that takes up a helluva lotta time even now.

Having said that I miss the old blog, the old writing just for the sake of it. I miss thinking about stuff the way I used to, making time for introspection, thinking about what's going on in the world outside of my head.

So I am going to take it up again.
Except I might take it up again anonymously.
This blog has been great. I've met some wonderful people and it's been a big catalyst for loads of new and exciting things in my life.

The anonymity of the 'early years' is something I miss though.

Maybe I will start a fresh new blog, maybe I'll get over myself and realise no one care what the hell I write be it anonymous or not. Maybe I'll just rekindle my relationship with TP warts and all?

I guess time will tell.


Chameleon said...

In a way I selfishly hope that you will continue this blog, as I have always enjoyed it!
If you do start a new one please mail me with the link - I won't give away your identity honest ;)
Your regular readers won't abandon you, even if postings become sporadic, as everyone understands the demands of life outside the blogosphere (and we are aware of the brilliant - and time-consuming - work you are doing there!).
So either way, we will keep the faith :)

Nella said...

I was only going to say what Chameleon has already said - i'll miss you if you move or stop blogging, and would very much like to see the new blog if that's ok. Any comment you (as a non-lj user) leave on my blog will be screened anyway, so that would be a good way of contacting me if you feel like revealing your new location. I could leave the comment screened if you weren't happy about it being made public.

Anonymous said...

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