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Monday, September 24, 2007

Kind folks motivate lazy blogger

Thank you kind folks who emailed and commented saying the odd irregular post on one of the worlds forgotten blogs would be missed. You are super nice and I feel heartened to carry on polluting your eyes with more posts.

I love the old TP, and like an addict I just can't quit it.

So, I intend to tell you about my weekend's adventure at 'Truck'.

Small village fete style indie festivals are not usually my thing (in fact, indie is generally not my thing hence the pen name) but I was at a loose end this weekend. The date I had made with some fabric and my sewing machine fell through since my new overlocking foot hadn't arrived (I am currently engaged in a evening class on how to sew and am feeling very motivated to spend time cursing in the front bedroom with a bundle of thread and some impatience).

So, off to truck at 7:30 Saturday morn in a Micra jam packed to busting point. I called shotgun.

The sun shone, I got sunburnt, my nose is all read and my lips are too dry.
I drank beer, which was cheap, since you could carry it in. Good folks at Truck.

Saw some piss poor bands on the Saturday. Merged into one through beer and lack of sleep.

Saw some ok bands on the Sunday, namely The Mules (a bit like Gogol Bordello but with more funk than gypsy) Chris TT (political acoustic folky type stuff about hedgehogs that tugged at the heartstrings and nearly made me cry - I am a softy any day but after no sleep there is no hope for me) and Little Sisters, who were a local band and sang one song about Jesus which kind of put me off. I refuse to dance to praiseful worship godloving songs. But the rest of their set was good. They had a harp and two fiddles though which was super ace.

Some chap asked me to take a photo of him with a beardy man I assumed to be his friend. Thinking it might be a good idea to have our pic taken we asked said bloke to return the favour. Positioned ourselves in front of a nice leafy background in the vicinity of beardy bloke (careful not to stand too close in case he would be in the picture).

Photo taking man said, "well, stand a bit closer!" in an inpatient tone, so, confused, we quickly did as we were told. Result, us standing next to some beardy bloke we can only assume has fame associated with him since strangers expect us to want him in our photos. Cue sheepish grins on our part as we scarpered from the scene.

You're thinking 'that's the highpoint?!?'. Well, it was funny at the time.

I will find the picture and post it at some point to see if anyone can identify him.