This is not a test. Unless it is, and no one told me so I haven't revised, which means I'm going to fail. Thanks for that.
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Do you dare me?

Ok, potential hilarity / self destruction.
They're casting for the new series of Britain's next top model at the mo'. Prime opportunity to uncover the bitchyness, soul sucking, shallow, stereotypes I envisage will be part of the selection process, for Subtext.

So, who dares me to apply? (here's the form, complete with dodgy questions)
Beware, a swimsuit shot is required.

It is quite likely I am too old and too 'interesting looking' (that's just a nice way of saying ugly isn't it - I bet that's what they put on the rejection letters) to get through the first selection.

I would recount the horrors online for you all.

Maybe I'll just complete a piss take form for a laugh.