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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I am one of the pro-choice majority

Excellent article on late term abortion in the Guardian today.
Extract below made me well up.

If a woman is more than 13 weeks pregnant, labour has to be induced, and
normally takes less than six hours. Carrie's labour was much longer because the
baby was breech. Afterwards, she says, "We stayed with her for a few hours and
the midwife left a camera and dressed her in a premature nappy and cardigan and
filled in the card you get given with other births." When Carrie felt ready to
go to the ward, "The midwife said she would stay with [the baby] for the rest of
her shift; she acted as if she was an important baby, which she was to me."
Late-term abortion remains rare - 89% of all abortions in the UK are carried out at 12 weeks or below; only 1.5% take place after 20 weeks. The process can be physically and emotionally traumatic, and is never undertaken lightly. Those of us who have had late abortions have felt the force of moral outrage - we know that people who have never been in a situation like ours can be all too easily persuaded that the law should change. This is why it is important that our stories are heard.