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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Party planning

Browsing blogs, the way you do, I turned me up here and was inspired by the road trip thrift store adventures.

I've been dreaming about a cycle gang for a while now, cruising around second hand shops, eating cakes, looking nuff. As yet I am the only member of said gang as my friends either can't ride bikes or aren't interested in biking about looking for cakes.

Maybe I should turn up at Critical Mass advetising my bike-gang-come-cake-club? Maybe I should draw up some cute ass flyers and leave them all over town in trendy places. Maybe it's easier to advertise it here!

I'm thinking a Saturday a couple of weeks from now. I have access to cycle maps, I can plan a route :o) We could offer croggies to anyone who can't ride...

Residents of the East Midlands, Nottinghamshire locals. Wanna road trip with me?


Nella said...

I'd be interested, depending on my bike situation (it needs fixing), especially if vegan cakes featured on the agenda. :) I'm in Radford if that affects anything, and can be emailed at (It does get checked, except when i have to work on something in gmail documents under my real name login)

TP said...

I started a website for the bike gang
hehehe - barrcuda.
Will email you when I have some kind of plan beyond 'lets go for a bike ride!'

laura-ann said...

Wow, this sounds like a great plan!

Anonymous said...