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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Misquotes, mishaps and misinformation?

Today I was reading a report on research into men who pay for sex ( "It's just like going to the supermarket": Men buying sex in East London [opens a pdf]) in which they refer to an Ofsted report...

"a 2007 Ofsted report which suggests that the sexually explicit content of magazines such as Nuts and Zoo offer a “very positive source of advice and reassurance for many young people”, despite acknowledging that they do this “while at times reinforcing sexist attitudes” (Ofsted 2007:13/14)."
Thinking, "my god fathers*, this is so completely not ok" I checked the source (oh joy accurate referencing and the power of Google.)

Thankfully Ofsted have been slightly misquoted and aren't in fact pushing low grade porn mags as useful learning tools for boys. I think they might actually be referring to girls magazines such as More and Just 17 (which might not be available anymore but were around when I was a youth) in which they would run articles about safe sex, different crazy sexual positions of the month and frank and responsible problem pages side by side (by responsible I mean they always advocated safe sex, didn't patronise and treated their readers as intelligent and able to make decisions for themselves).

I have no conclusion...

*throwback to early years Catholic brainwashing?