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Saturday, July 09, 2005

my dad

My dad is still in hospital, but he's doing ok.
They still have him on a blood thinning drip, and he will have to be connected to a heart monitor for a couple more days, but he's walking about and is keeping his spirits up.

I went to visit him last night with my mum and my brother. He walked from his bed to us as we waited in the corridor. The nurses did not want us to go onto the ward because they were fighting to save the life of the woman in the bed next to my dad's. As we sat talking on the chairs in the corridor we could hear them charging the defibrillator.
Sadly they did not manage to save her.

I can only imagine how distressing this must have been for my dad.


When we left he went back to his bed, to sit looking in the opposite direction to what was going on. I wish we could have stayed with him; but visiting hours were over.

When he was admitted they said he would have to be in hospital for 5-7 days. Today is his third day, so he should be home again soon. His discharge is dependent on how he gets on while he's in hospital. He's had a couple of episodes of angina in the past few days, but hopefully this won't mean he has to stay much longer.


I'm going to visit him in an hour or so. My brother is with him now; we're taking it in shifts so he's not on his own for long periods. It gets so lonely in hospital, frustrating and so boring.