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Friday, August 19, 2005

Through the eyes of aspartame

80s Converse, originally uploaded by travelling punk.

Did you know,

Aspartame was invented by a scientist trying to find an ulcer cure.

There have been over 4,000 seperate complaints about the sweetener from consumers, reporting over 6,888 adverse reactions/complaints.

The guys in big suites who allowed it to spread to general use in food and drink and pretty much everything are linked, many directly, to aspartame manufactuers, their pr firms and lawyers.

It has been proven that the sweetener breaks down to form formaldehyde in the body.

It has also been shown to cause lymphomas and leukaimeia in female animals.

The Ecologist arrived in my porch yesterday.


TP said...

Manufactured by Nike.
Who seem to believe they no longer use child labour. Hmmm.

I hadn't realised they were behind such a good looking pair of trainers. What a shame.

broke said...

I know. The devil has all the best shoes. Great looking boots though.