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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Astounding powers of observation

"Oi pink hair!"

Pink hair?

Well, it was worth shouting that little gem of wisdom across the street at me. God, you're so insightful and charming.

Marry me.


la somnambule said...

That made me laugh out loud!

sappho said...

Made me laugh out loud too!

lost clown said...

Did you yell back "Why hello Captain Obvious!"

Because I probably would have.

Laurelin said...

LC- lololol!!!

I would have gone for my childhood favourite: 'ten out of ten for observation'.

I have images now of a superhero called Captain Obvious. That's going to keep me grinning all day!

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday I bedded a green-haired woman, simply because I was astute enough to shout her hair color across an airport lounge.

"GREEN, GREEN!" I called.

"Bed me!" she replied in haste.

I made delicious French Toast for breakfast and secretly recorded the whole thing.


lost clown said...

Laurelin: good, I'm glad. Dun dun da DAH! Captain Obvious!