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Friday, May 26, 2006

Because blogs are great for self obsession

I am currently sporting a bob with a fringe in a light pink shade - with extensive roots of a dark blonde. I don't care much for long hair anymore, and despite my fear and loathing of the hairdresser am thinking of going to have it chopped.

Because I'm a wash/sleep on it/go kind girl with a bad realtionship with my brush I need something low maintenance and designed to be scruffy, but that can be combed smart if the mood takes me. So - I amthinking along the following lines: Justine Frishman (fromerly of Elastica) Brody God-knows-what (formerly of Distillers) Carrie Brownstein (Sleater Kinney).

So far these are the best photos I have managed to find.

Any suggestions? A little help? travellingpunk at gmail dot com

I need clear and unmistakeable instructions for the hairdresser otherwise they will create me a coiffure that's as dull as Paris Hiltons. I may have to let him indoors cut it for me as a last resort. At least then it has no chance of looking overdone...

Artists impression. Can they cut pointy?


broke said...

Me = male with shaved (ie bald) head, so I'm not an expert here. But i did think Justine Frishman's look was cool. Go for it.

TP said...

I did! :o)
Thanks broke.
I took before and after pics to post. I found a great salon.