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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Female bonding?

My neighbour asked me if I wanted to come a cosmetics party at her house. Thinking it would be good to be friendly with my neighbourgh and also a good opportunity to nosey around her house, I said I would go.

That is until I though of the following:
I am broke, as usual - so no new things for me
I only buy cruelty free makeup (which is not the stuff that was on sale)

So, instead of going to the 'party' I have updated the Subtext site and eaten home made burritos.

Cosmetics parties eh, strange idea.
They have plus points - community, friendship, bonding, talking, sharing.
They have miuns points - promoting the use of makeup (it couldn't be any more normalised), encouraging excessive consumerism.

Personally, despite the good points, I don't like the idea. The whole evening would be wrapped up in expectation (of the host) guilt (of the guests) and, I imagine, a frenzy of purchasing things you don't need.

What do you think? Good idea, bad idea? Have you been to one?

I would probably go to a cruelty free one though...


Melanie said...

Those makeup parties are annoying. If you don't buy anything you feel bad about being there and not buying anything. Plus, they always seem to get the one person that can't do makeup to give the makeovers. Everyone ends up looking weird, and feeling guilty if they don't buy anything.

You're better off staying home. If you want to get to know your neighbor, start making small talk when you see her, then ask her over one day for coffee.

la somnambule said...

My mom (who is a nurse) went to one organised at a local surgery in order to meet some of the other nurses who she doesn't work with.

Although I think the community aspect of it was good - she did feel like she benefitted from meeting other people - there was a real obligation to buy the stuff which was both overpriced and ethically unsound.

She decided she won't be going to one again. I think on the whole it is quite a sad state of affairs that image obsessed consumerism is needed to unite women - much better to just meet up over a bottle of wine!

sappho said...

Seems like you made a good choice. Especially considering it wasnt a 'cruelty free' makeup party.
Compromising your beliefs just to shoot the shit with a bunch of makeup lovin' women may not be worth it.
But I also see your positive points of such a gathering.
You should get together like-minded friends & throw your own cruelty free makeup party & invite your neighbor to that!

Nella said...

Gah, least it wasn't Ann Summers. I still haven't worked out how i'd respond to an invite to one of those. Luckily none of my friends are inclined to initiate one.
I think Lush might do parties, though, if you want a cruelty-free version of your neighbour's cosmetics party. I can think of a fair few women in Notz who'd be up for something like that.

witchy-woo said...

I went to one once. We all took a bottle of wine and got totally slaughtered while the demonstrator gave the party-giver an orange face with really weird cheeks. I guess we all bought some cleanser out of guilt - and possibly horror at the party-giver's orangeness. I nearly got arrested that night too....

TP said...

Uh, Anna Summers party - not fun!

Maybe I'll have a cruelty free party - I can't find a distributor for BWC though...