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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

News round up

Support for women's right to choose is waning according to a new study by Bpas.
Although most poeple surveyed in the UK study still believe in a women's right to choose, this number has falled by 2% in 5 years, the BBC reports.

Not the church, not the state
Women must decide their fate!
(chant from Reclaim the Night)

The new male contraceptive pill is claimed to have no lasting side effects. There's a big question, though, will men take it?
Good lord - I wish they would make a pill for women that had no lasting side effects. We would bloody take it - we're quite keen to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It would seem from the article in the Guardian that men aren't as bothered. It must just be women's business.

This Saturday's Reclaim the Night march was great. It was good to meet the bloggers and Subtext contributors who I've emailed and left comments on their blogs. Thanks to Laura for helping sell some copies of Subtext too.


Laura said...

You're welcome :) Can't believe I didn't buy one myself straight away, what a muppet. An order will be coming your way v shortly...

Melanie said...

I feel your frusteration. I just want to go balistic every time I hear a young woman say she doesn't care about the "whole abortion thing". My own sister was an anti-choicer until she and her husband were facing down an unwanted pregnancy and couldn't get a doctor in their hick town to give them Plan B. It was a false alarm, but it was enough to turn her around and make her pro-choice.

I guess some women won't come on board until they realize that controlling your own destiny isn't just for young, single women, it's for women of all ages and circumstances.

Brad Tastic said...

Wouldn't it be better to call it "Claim The Night"?

After all, go back through the centuries and we've got increasing patriarchy and decreasing municipal/city services (lights, etc). Pre-20th century it seems that men and wild animals sort of apportioned the night out between themselves.