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Monday, November 06, 2006

Why is it...

..that often I go out for a 'quiet night' and end up completely smashed having mixed my drinks and drunk way too much?

If I'm planning a 'big night' I am super careful, drink water, am vigilant against over drunkeness.

Saturday was an improptue quiet night during which I turned into a messy drunk. I woke up Sunday morning with a slamming head, feeling sick like death, and with a bloodshot, watering, very sore eye. After spending the day sleeping, and drinking water I recovered from the hangover, but my eye still hurts a day later. It stings so much when I look into bright light, and the pain seems to come and go. It looks kind of grey and bruised.

I have no idea what caused it. It feels like I have been poked, hard, in the eye - but I don't remember anything of the sort happening. I should really go to the doctor - but they'll put eyedrops in, which'll mean I can't drive, and I have to drive to Sheffield tonight to interview The Gossip for Subtext (horray!).

If it still hurts tomorrow I will go to the doctors.

Ow, my eye.


Anonymous said...

Sympathies go out 2 ya 4 ur sore eye sitch, but the prospect of having a natter with The Gossip must cheer u up! I posted about them on my blog this week after I saw a feature on them in the Guardian and downloaded the fabulous 'Standing In The Way Of Control'. Eeekkk! I'd be so chuffed 2 meet them, boy has Beth Ditto got an amazing voice on her! Rock on! That'll be a fab feature :)

Melanie said...

Cool about getting an interview with The Gossip. However, when it comes to things I need like hearing, sight, etc., I'm never too careful. Get to the doctor, because even if it's a small infection, you don't want to let it go. Seriously, have you ever seen what an untreated eye infection looks like, it's horrible (creepy, sci-fi horrible).

witchy-woo said...

Alcohol blindness.

It's a curse they never tell you about.

hope it's ok and clears up soon. See the doc?

Anonymous said...

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