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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Subtext issue 2 out now

Super, smashing, great.

p.s. It's double the size of issue 1, and still no ads!


Laura said...

Yay!! Will you be selling it at RTN? You should do, you'd sell loads I reckon - I'd be happy to help if you like.

TP said...

Yes we will! We're planning a big ole Subtext banner too.

Come and say hi!!!

Brad Tastic said...

You have to add a .htm to that link for it to work!

I like it a lot, even though it is obvious to me that you all just hate men.

(That was a joke)


Melanie said...

It looks great! How exciting. Don't worry about the advertising, it will come. Just focus on putting out a really great zine.