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Friday, January 12, 2007

Feeling safe?

Interesting article on the Guardian website today taking a critcal look at Guantánamo Bay, now facing it's 5th brithday.

"Human rights have been traded away in Guantánamo in the hope of gaining security, and it has not worked. One of the US's founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, stated: "He who trades liberty for security deserves neither and will lose both." Adorned on the walls of the Guantánamo camp is its mission statement: "Honour-bound to defend freedom". After five years of Guantánamo, do you feel any safer?"

Hell no.


Joel said...

Me neither

(Celebrating National Delurking Week.)

TP said...

Great to hear from you Joel :o)

incurable hippie said...

If anything, quite a bit more unsafe.

TP said...

Y'know, that's worryingly true Hippie. There seems to be much more of a threat from the people supposed to be protecting than I ever felt in the past, now we're not only worried about threats from outside the country, but the 'big brother' inside the country as well.

Laurelin said...

definitely less safe!

and even if I did feel safer, I don't believe my feelings of security should come at such a price.

TP said...

"even if I did feel safer, I don't believe my feelings of security should come at such a price"

good point Laurelin.

Anonymous said...

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