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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The guinea pig is behind the sette

Argh! Two new baby guinea pigs, just discovering the joys of hiding around the house, sharing a space either under the sette, behind the chair or under the futon. They don't seem to want to spend their time in their newly cleaned hutch. And they keep pissing everywhere. They're called Bert and Ernie. Photos eventually...

Fingers crossed I'm getting a new bike! This is super exciting. I'm getting a beach cruiser! I am going to be the queen of the neighbourghood. For ages I thought Bikini Kill were singing 'she's got the coolest trike in town' not 'she's got the coolest dyke in town'. I think my version is better - though probably not as political. I'm going to ride my new bike everywhere! I'm so excited!!!

When I get a new bike, do you wanna start a biker gang? We can tour about looking ace and visit tea shops and eat cakes. What could we call ourselves? Where does one advertise the formation of a new girl cruiser bike gang? I would have to design posters! I love desiging posters.

I can hear my boyfriend downstairs calling "Bert, Bert, where are you? Come out..."
He got stuck under the chair the other day (Bert, not my boyfriend) - it's going to be a nightmare getting him out for under the sette...


Nella said...

Aw, squeaklets!

broke said...

I so want to be in your biker gang, but I'm a guy (well, so I've been told) so can I make the tea or soemthing?

Hope you find Bert - and wishing you a very happy new year TP,

Take care

TP said...

Broke, you can be in the gang :o) Put on your snazziest togs and saddle up!

Bert was recovered ok - the little monkey.

Laura said...

Yay for new piggies :D

Hope you've been doing some good cruisin' x