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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pay day feels so good

Ah, the fresh air of pay day, the long awaited allieviation of stress and penny pinching.

This has been a particularly bad month for money. So i am very happy to have the extra overtime money in my paycheque. It means...

Freedom to buy up select best items from my Etsy favourites list :o)
Abillity to afford a winter wetsuit (surfing tomorrow in east cosat waters - not good plan in 2mm suit, especically as I am currently sat indoors at work with 3 layers plus coat and scarf)
The most amazing boots in town from Green Shoes that I have been saving for for about 3 months (they are not cheap at all).

1 comment:

TASKER said...

I imagine a wetsuit is a must for surfing the north Atlantic.