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Monday, October 01, 2007

Don't tell my arms, my achey breaky arms...

I am an achey breaky person today. All over.

'Tis due to a caving excursion over the weekend involving a day of SRT training (single rope technique - that's climbing and descending ropes with gadgets to the non caver) and another day of using practised skills in cave called 'Lost John's'.

There were 5 pitches to abseil down, one of which required you to swing in through a 'window' onto a ledge. And 3 pitches to ascend on the way out (because it was a through trip rather than going back the way you went in). The first pitch of ascent was over 70 ft and was thoroughly knackering.

I feel, and look, like I've been in a fight. Bruiser.

I should have taken my camera.


Brina Bat said...

Been there - done that - A LOT! You feel like you've used muscles you've never had - or knew existed! So were you frogging (sit-stand) or ropewalking? I'm guessing frogging since your longest pitch was 70?

TP said...

Frogging - and my left shoulderblade ached for about a week afterwards!

ed said...

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