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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Whatta write about?

So, the contributions deadline for issue 5 is drawing close and I haven't begun to think about writing an article. Sure, I have begun editing and compiling articles from super efficient and excellent contributors, but not really given my own writing any thought.

Any ideas people?


Anonymous said...

Hey TP,

You list the Subhumans as one of your favourite bands. Which Subhumans? There are two bands by that name (I'm doing a survey). As to an idea to write about, how about your feelings on the possibility of the US declaring war on Iran?

TP said...

Hey there - the Subhumans that are from the UK, who's albums include 'Time Flies' 'Rats' and 'Day the country died'.

Good idea for something to write about. Knee jerk reaction is: war = bad. Sure, there's a lot wrong with the way Iran is run, but I think common sense and past experience shows that charging in with force to change things doesn't exactly work out as planned.

This blog could do with some serious writing, so more thoughts ot follow.