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Friday, December 28, 2007

Rats, or another* downside to online shopping

In my eager desperation to get new trews from an online shop I opted for delivery to work: I have to be here all day anyway (joy!), and it means I get said trews a day early.

Unfortunately for me I didn't notice the ever so fine print that says the delivery time you're asked to enter is only a guide and they can/do deliver up to 8pm.

What exactly will happen to my trews if the person delivering brings them at 8pm when work is closed up for the weekend? I know one thing - it'll mean I won't have them for my evening soirees over the 'festive period'... Not that I'm going to any you understand.

*If you're interested, the first downside to internet shopping is buying without trying on, nothing ever fits right. The third downside to internet shopping is arranging for returns - the whole rigmarole of going to the post office (made worse if your post office was closed and you don't have one nearby) and forking out for it.