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Friday, December 28, 2007

What I was going to do

I was going to write to you today about clothes, my ill fitting jeans and sporty new trainers that I plan to 'go running' in or 'play badminton' while wearing.

Except that was hella boring.

In fact, today is pretty boring. I'm in work between Christmas and New Year (for the first time ever - sob!). There are only 2 other people in the office with me (normally 20+) and I have no work to do so I have been surfing Etsy for things to buy. I spent £60 I do not have on stuff I hardly need yesterday and am trying to resist doing the same again today out of boredom.

To keep me from spending for something to frickin do my afternoon plans include;
1) solve a game of Spider solitaire with two suits! It's exciting because I've never done it before! Or maybe it's exciting because I have a totally skewed idea of what exciting is since I have been talking to myself all morning.
2) play Spider solitaire a second time
3) maybe have a game of minesweepers

In other news - new dog new dog!
My parents got a new dog last week, he is completely daft, really bouncy (yesterday he tried to fetch his toy by climbing over the back of the sofa) and cute as frankenpup. 19months old, called Bob.