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Thursday, June 05, 2008

That's just not cricket

I walked to the shops this lunchtime listening to Rage Against the Machine, feeling angsty and dissatisfied (this is all part of the mid 20s life-crisis I'm having). I returned from the avenue, having forgotten to buy toothpaste again - damn it, head full of plans to dye my hair pillar box read and wear a lot of heavy eye liner. I think listening to Rage connected me with past teenage rebellions.

When I got back into the office I had a look out of the window over the cricket pitch (we overlook Trent Bridge, where the England vs NZ test match is being played at the mo') which was full of primary school girls in Asda caps and t shirts playing really bad cricket.


Unfortunately the adults were back on the pitch by the time I thought to take a photo. Also, our windows need cleaning.