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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've heard it said that what's in your fridge can reflect how you live your life, but I think this makes it quite clear that what's on the outside can give an insight too - exhibit A: my fridge in all its chaotic glory.


  • a diagram for the hairdresser explaining that I do not want triangular hair any longer.
    'activist', as described in a Patagonia advert.
  • a newspaper story on surfing rats
  • a message from the Salvation army - which I took out of context because I think it applies whether you're religious or not (full disclosure, I'm not)
  • New York cab magnet
  • assorted postcards
  • (badly) photoshopped image of my boyfriend ice climbing the Eiffel Tower
  • a watercolour that looks like a vagina
  • a newspaper clipping about a friend who moved to NYC to be a butler.

What does your fridge look like? A place to paste up favourite things you've found, notes and magnetic poetry, or clean, sleek, metallic and minimalist?