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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Signposting - it's all about a joined up service

Ok, so that title is kind of an in joke for me as a local gov worker. I've made my excuses, lets move on.
Still, this is a signposting post, or a lazy excuse for a post, or an overexcited babbling on about stuff she loves type post.
In short, today's Guardian is ace.
I heart Richard Ayoade, particularly as the hot and bonkers shaman* Saboo in the Mighty Boosh. He is totally edearing in this interview.

"You know nothing of the crunch", swoon.

I'm also a fan of Pammy Anderson - inexplicably... She's interviewed today and kind of misses the point of feminism, though she does believe in the actual aim of the movement: equality. She also scores points for calling Sarah Palin "the helicopter huntress from hell". I can only hope that McCain** is reeling from the mistake he made to run with her - he clearly did not think that one through - she is a ticking timebomb "Let's get a woman on board, people loved Hilary, me wants some of that!"

Speaking of Palin there are some satisfyingly scathing articles on her in today's issue as well. Palin vs polar bears - my vote goes for the bears, natch. And Palin the ultimate rock and roll disaster. Hah.

* great combination!
** oven chips, hah!


laura-ann said...

agreed completely on Ayoade, saw that in G2 and swooned, i have major crushes on that boy. i say that he reminds me of ian with his moss character but ian has none of it, ha.

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