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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Super fantastico exhaustion

I spent today exercising like I've never exercised before, then sleeping like a complete baby (with my glasses all crooked on my face) from pure exhaustion (see previously mentioned exercise).

I was fortunate enough to get to have a go at the physical activity test for the fire service entry exams this morning. And I'm totally psyched to report that I either cleanly passed or very nearly passed all of them!

Ladder climb - climb a ladder, get a knee brace & take your hands off to look over your shoulder - passed!
Breathing apparatus - crawl about in the dark turn a twisty tunnel with breathing mask & helmet on - passed!
Assemble equipment - fiddle about with ancient gadget to put it together in correct order - passed!
Ladder lift - lift 25kg weight to simulate the end of a ladder above my head - utterly exhausting, but I just passed on my second attempt!
Dummy run - drag a fake corpse 30ft - passed!
Equipment carry - ridiculous string of activities involving running and carrying heavy and awkwardly shaped stuff - nearly passed, just 3 seconds over the time limit!

Now I know what's got to be done to make myself fit and strong enough to ace the test on the the actual day - time to join a gym and get into training.

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