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Sunday, April 02, 2006


I've been putting it off, and filling my time with other distractions, but I have to read all the submissons for Subtext today, and edit those still in need of it. I must. We're mocking up the design tomorrow.

Instead I want to write about pornography and erotic literature. For me, erotic literature is a-ok. I read it and get off on it, I wouldn't mind if my bed mate did either (hell, he proboaly does, I leave it lying around). I feel differently toward imagery though, and more specifically mainstream pornography of the type you see in Nuts/Zoo/FHM etc. I would not get off to this, and I wouldn't be ok about my bed buddy getting off to this either.

Where then are the fundamental differences by which I can draw a distinction?

1) Erotic fiction does not require an subject to be visually broken into pieces and objectified.
2) Erotic fiction does not focus on the appearance of a woman or her parts - rather it focuses on textures, sensations and draws shapes and appearance in the mind.
3) Fiction as opposed to visual pornography teachers the reader to build their own ideas of sexuality, sex and physicality. To read one has to be more involved in the process, and choose to give their attention to it, rather than being a recipient of imagery regardless of the type and style.
4) The male dominated realm of pornography is underminned by fictional erotica. Anyone can write it. 'Stars' can range from mundane to eccentric or stunning. It is as easy to create as it is to write a letter.
5) Imagination is a powerful tool. Through it we can explore and control what we want to 'see' and experieince.

I think I'm a bit hypo. I am bored of writing this. I pretty much constantly think about sex when I get like this. Is this what it's like to be a man?

I want to write 'stuff' but my mind is elsewhere (if you get my meaning, subtle isn't it).

Hmm, when we were interviewed about Subtext a couple of months ago we were asked if we would discuss sex much in the magazine. Maybe I will write a post on creating your own erotic fiction. LOL! I am being a moron. I think I should go back to bed.


Joel said...

I think the same holds true for much literature. The textures -- the details -- have been thrown out in favor of simplistic story lines and megalithic cliches.

Choose your genre: the same problem will stand and the same tongue will loll over the landscape.

damagecontrol said...

sounds like something good to write about. i think with most pornography, or personal sexual gratification saught through it you have to be able to reference what you see to a personal feeling. i find at least. watching full on hardcore does nothing sexually for me, its mundane.

i dont know. if i wasnt so tired i could write something. we can talk about it tonight over coffee and teas x

Winter said...

I prefer to read erotica rather than look at visual imagery too. There's a fair bit of lesbian erotica on my bookshelves and I'd be happy for my partner to enjoy it too.

BUT people experience sexuality very differently and some people are more visually orientated and prefer to look at pictures or watch films. Actually, I do enjoy a good erotic film myself. People who prefer to read are no better than people who prefer to look; they just have different tastes in sexual material. So I think it's important to create visual erotica as well. I also think feminists should create much more erotica ... of the visual as well as the written variety. But, then, I'm a horny old so and so.

yclepta said...

Hi TP -
I tend to agree with you about the problems with porn images in mainstream mags (not that I've seen anything that isn't really), but I have a concern about the theory that literature is better. My concern is that many people have literacy levels that exclude them from much literature, but are sexual and have the right to erotica. If we are not careful we'll be saying that being turned on by sexual fantasies written for that purpose is ok if you are educated and middle class and able, but not otherwise e.g. have a learning difficulty or disability...
not sure what the answer is though....

TP said...

That's a really good point Ycelpta. Hmmm. Thinking caps on.

ed said...

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