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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pole Dancing - Women, Men, Dancers, Opposers duke it out

The BBC magazine site's hosting an interesting debate on the benefits of poledancing as an exercise activity. You can read it here. Some interesting comments, some downright nonsense, some male pole dancers and a surprising amount of men speaking out against it.

Choice quote:
It's exercise, is it? So you'll all be wearing trainers then? Jill Arscott, Brighton

Interesting reading.


Joel said...

Fingers steepled. Thinking. OK, if the women are doing it in an exercise club, I don't see the problem. If it is the physical exercise and seeing themselves in the mirror that gives them satisfaction, I say "more power to you".

When it becomes a male entertainment sport with a bunch of drunks hooting at a woman in a red dress, then it has become exploitative.

But then, must every display of the male and female physique be seen as pornography? We could get into the mode of popes who castrated statues and plopped a figleaf on them.

Gem said...

As somebody who will be wearing trainers and tracky bottoms to learn how to pole dance on a hen weekend, I'll say it's gonna be a great laugh, and the exertion will probably kill me!

TP said...

Gem - that sounds lke a hilarious sight.

I'm not sure what my opinion of the craze is. It is the mainstreaming of something that has its roots in the oppression of women.

But, I can understand how taken out of that sexualised situation the act of the dance is fun. A bunch of ladies on a hen weekend for example!

I guess, like many things, understanding the origins and why you want to take part is most important.

I don't think people should be stopped from doing it.

witchy-woo said...

I agree. I'm thinking about belly dancing here.... as I understand it, belly dancing was originally something women did for themselves in ancient cultures (I may well be wrong - please correct me if I am). But belly dancing has been co-opted for and corrupted by men as some kind of sexual entertainment.

Wouldn't it be a huge 'fuck you' if women took pole dancing out of the strip clubs, with their g strings and vaseline, and into the gyms - trainers and tracky bottoms and all - and reinvented it as 'exercise'.

I'd love it if that happened.

chilangoleon (MEXIKO) said...

I like your blog

Bradtastic said...

I did some Pole dancing in Europe... Poland, I believe.

Anonymous said...

being a pole dancer myself who has worked in lapdance clubs and own my pole in my house. i think poledancing is sexy and an attractive sport that requires a lot of energy and strength. to look professional it takes a lot of practise but the end results are worth it.