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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm a goin' ramblin'

Rambling's something I think I will be doing a lot of in the next week or so. My new job is not exactly the environment for leopard print shoes, more the environment for browns, greens and walking boots.

They are also totally and utterly disorganised. Induction to them means traipsing me around some footpaths and ‘explaining’ to quickly, in language peppered with jargon, what they do and what they expect me to do. Two days in now, and none the wiser.

Today my Richard Thompson cd came. It was eagerly awaited after hearing this song and this song (sorry lyrics only) on the radio 2 folk show. It doesn’t have quite the same effect as when listened to in a small cottage on the west coast of rural Scotland – but it’s still great. It’s winter evening music, definitely, and will propel me back to the highlands upon each listen, which I appreciate.

I have to be clever with money from now on though because I want a scooter (still, I’ve wanted one since last summer) and plan to actually buy one at some point. My literally nonexistent savings can’t fund a purchase at this time though, so penny pinching will be my new plan.

I am also thinking of dyeing my hair bright red, the kind of red sported by Clemantine in ‘Eternal sunshine…’ or Lola in ‘Run Lola Run’. I am too stuck in my blonde ways though. This is something I will have to ease myself into.


sappho said...

Dye it RED!!! Go for it!

Anonymous said...

haha... how funny that i should read this page...

i dyed my hair bright red about a week ago (much to my boyfriend's suprise) and found your article thingy while looking for a pic of lola from run lola run. ive wanted to dye it red for a while (ive also been blonde for years) but eventually just did it cause i had a motorbike accident and felt very much like 'if theres something you want to do then do it now'.

its a bit mad but it's the change i needed, maybe it'll work for you.