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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Help Hollie

One of the contributors to Subtext has appealed for your help in completeing a questionnaire for research for her dissertation (she's studying creative advertising).

Hollie is looking for responses from feminist women and men, and I've copied her questionnaire below. If you can help her by taking part either copy the text below into a word doc, complete and send back to her, or email me and I'll send you a word doc with all the questions on travelling punk at gmail dot com.

If you can spread this around the blogosphere a bit (I know a lot of your blogs have a much greater readership than my scratchy effort) I'm sure she's be extremely grateful.




Have you ever been offended by an advert?
If so when and why?
Have you ever been offended or concerned by the way a man or woman has been portrayed in an advert?
If so when and why?
Have you ever written to the Advertising Standards Association to complain about an advert?
If so when and why?
Do any ads come to mind that you would wish to complain about?

For this section you will need to watch a series of adverts. Please open in a new internet window. This site has all the adverts related to the questions, you will be told when to view each ad.

VOLVIC – The wheel
Please view the first advert on the website, titled Evian.
What is your opinion of this ad? (reactions, thoughts)
Do you think the ad is sexist in any way? If yes why?

Please view the Sure Deodorant ad on the website
What is you opinion of this ad?
What are your thoughts on the use of a career woman in this advert?

Please view both ads on the website before answering
Which ad do you prefer? And why?
Do either of the ads make you think in a negative way?
Which ad do you find more believable? Why?

Please view the next advert on the website
What do you think about this advert?
What are your thoughts on the male and female roles in the ad? (Modern? traditional? dated?)

Please view this ad
What are your general reactions to this ad?
Would you say that this ad is aimed at females? Yes/no, Why?
Would you say that most cleaning ads are aimed at females?
This ad is from the 1980’s, do you think the way women are shown in adverts has changed much? Why?

Please view this ad on the website
· Does this ad appeal to you? Why?
· Would it make you want to buy this car?
· Would you say this ad is aimed a specific gender? Yes/no. And why?

YORKIE – Its not for girls
Please view this ad
Does this campaign appeal to you? Why?
Would you buy this product? Yes/no
Do you think a female buyer would be put off from buying/consuming this brand now?
How do you think Yorkie get away with producing a gender bias ad?

VAUXHALL CORSA – hide and seek
Please view this ad on the website
Does this ad appeal to you? Why?
Would this advert persuade you to buy this car?
Do you think it is aimed at a specific gender? Yes/no. why?
Think back to the Audi advert, out of the two car ads, which do you prefer?

DOVE – campaign for beauty
Please click this link to view the ad:
(You may have to click ‘broadband version’ under the video on the left.)(If a membership box pops up just close it and continue)

Dove have a campaign running called ‘campaign for real beauty’, all their ads feature real people, no models.
What is your honest opinion of this campaign?
Do you think the ads are too revealing? Why?
Do you think the advert would be more effective if professional* models were used? (*slim, tall, stereotypical, models you would expect to see in perfume/cosmetic ads) and why?

FLASH - Cleaner
Please click this link to view the ad:
What is your first reaction to this ad?
What do you think about the idea of a househusband and the stereotype being used in the advert?

EGG CARD – hamsters
Please click this link to view the ad:,,3_83818--View_1739,00.html
What do you think of this ad?
What are your views of the gay community being featured in soaps, films and adverts?

SLOGGI – press ad
Please view this press ad:

What is your first reaction to this advert?
Does it offend you in any way?
What are your thoughts on the way that the advert portrays women?

This is the end of the questionnaire!
Please send it back to me at madchick32 at hotmail dot com
You may need to save this file and then start a new email and attach it
(as you would a picture)

Thank you for taking part in this questionnaire, your help is very much appreciated.

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